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HAUGHLEY IN BLOOM......The story so far. Click on Parish Magazine entries below the photos.......

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Haughley New Street

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Haughley Green

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 What is Haughley in Bloom (HiB)? 

 This is an ongoing Parish owned and Parish Council supported initiative to help enhance our local environment.  Each year, when the Parish Council sets its budgets an allocation is made to help support Haughley in Bloom.  It is the responsibility of the HiB Working Party, to decide how the allocated money should be spent. 

HiB is not owned by the Parish Council, but by Haughley Parishioners.  Interested Parishioners are warmly invited to join the Working Party and to participate in its decision-making processes and activities.  

The Working Party does not have lots of meetings, but gets together around my kitchen table when decisions need to be made and/or there are plans to agree.  Then we arrange to do any agreed work with the help of available volunteers, who willing to join the Working Party on an “as available “ basis. 

The Parish is informed of Working Party decisions and of any planned work via frequent Newsletters in the Parish Magazine, which is hand-delivered to every household in the Parish. 

With the help and encouragement of our District Councillor, Rachel Eburne a generous Locality Grant was allocated to Haughley by Mid-Suffolk District Council at the end of the 2015/16 year.  During 2016 the Locality Grant, Parish Council support and the generous plant donations and help provided by individual parishioners, enabled the:

  • purchase of 10 new tubs for Old Street,
  • purchase of Railway Sleepers to make 5 beds destined for strategic locations,
  • purchase of topsoil, compost and some key plants
  • salvage and treatment of as many of the of old tubs as possible
  • planting of herbs, shrubs, infill bedding plants and spring bulbs. 

However, this is only the beginning of the on-going Haughley in Bloom revival!  Over the coming year (2017) we hope to enhance the planting and to carry on with on-going tub replacement and sustainability work.  Decisions about how we go forward with HiB will be made by the Working Party.  Decisions will be based on work completed thus far and budget constraints, but more importantly they will be enabled by parishioners’ feedback, support and participation!  To help us do as much as possible, Parishioners are being asked to continue their generous donations of surplus plants and bulbs.  This will help us reduce expenditure on plant purchases and to allocate as much money as possible to support replacement and sustainability work.   

 Yvonne Hannan - November 2016